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This is the ultimate skincare bundle with all of your essentials! 

We all know that layering products make our scent last longer, so why not add a matching body oil or body wash to your self-care fun?

No need to try to find a matching scrub when you want a pedicure or a matching wash when you want to get ready or a matching oil when you want bae to give you a rub down, we have them all ready for you to create!


Body Butter will keep you moisturized

Body Wash will keep you clean, without drying out your skin

Bath & Body Oil is lightweight and great for in the shower or bath

Body Scrub will keep skin flake-free and smooth



  1. Use your body wash daily to cleanse the skin without stripping it of moisture. Skin will feel soft and moisturized after use.
  2. Follow Up with Body Scrub 3x/week to remove old dead and dry skin from pores. This will keep skin smooth and youthful, allowing for moisture to be easily absorbed.
  3. Apply Bath and Body Oil After Cleansing, while still in the shower. This will help the scent to last longer and lock in moisture for silky skin.
  4. Apply Body Butter after a shower to layer on more scent and keep skin moisturized throughout the day!

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