Hair Care Regimen

For our hair care regimen, we have found that the LOCS (Liquid, Oil, Cream, Styler) method has been most effective!
*Fun Fact, did you know that the LOC method has actually been trademarked by Rochelle of Alikay Naturals? Always do your research SunflowHERs!

Step 1 (L): Grab your favorite leave-in conditioner or liquid. I like to use a mixture of warm water and aloe vera in my spray bottle! Spray your hair to moisturize your strands and prepare for the curl lovin’ goodies!

Step 2 (O): Apply a nickel-sized amount of the Hair Growth Oil to your hair and remember that a little goes a long way! Using the whole bottle will NOT make your hair grow faster. This will only cause your pores to clog and leave your hair limp and oily, that’s nasty sis.

Step 3 (C): Apply the Hair Butter to lock in your moisture! This butter is formulated with a shea butter base, jojoba oil and a blend of tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils!

Step 4 (S): Saturate your curls with the Curl Pop to keep them defined and moisturized. The curl pop is also made with aloe vera for moisture retention and almond oil to strengthen strands.

Step 5: Send us pics! We want to see you and see your success with the products. Tag us on IG and Facebook!

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