About Me

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease In 2008, I suffered from several infections and skin conditions. Medications, Creams and ointments prescribed were not effective in treating my skin and/or made my reactions worse.

Finding products that were safe and trustworthy to use became quite difficult & made me increasingly frustrated. So I decided to change my narrative and create things for myself! Elle Jae Essentials was founded in 2017 and has continued to grow and blossom.

 Since 2017, we have gone on to hire a team of staff, win two pitch competitions and we look forward to securing a retail location in Flint, MI. I look forward to growing within my community and educating community members on the toxic ingredients within most products.

In our exclusive Facebook Community, The Garden, we have worked to grow with our SunflowHERs. We have been helping women from all over the country love themselves, build upon a sisterhood and strengthen our community.

My mission is to provide products that are safe, healthy and healing while bringing women together so we can heal and learn with one another.  Understanding the frustration that comes with finding quality products to use, lack of a community that understands me, it has brought me joy to expand my business so that others may experience this joy as well. So please, enjoy these items that I have handmade for you and the community we have created together, as my purpose is bigger than the product.