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Beauty Business Coaching

Beauty Business Coaching

Beauty Business Coaching


Step into the world of limitless beauty possibilities!

Ready to dive in? Ask me anything about supercharging your brand! With each session conducted via Zoom, we'll create a dynamic synergy where expertise meets excitement. Oh, and guess what? You won't miss a beat! A recording of our session will be yours to keep, allowing you to relive every 'aha' moment and implement strategies with finesse.

My expertise includes but is not limited to: 

  •  Content Creation: Master the art of creating engaging and effective content that captures your audience and converts to sales!
  • Business Strategy: Work with us to craft your customer journey to create a seamless sales process
  •  Facebook Ads: Navigate and optimize Facebook ads to reach your target audience.
  •  Retail Product Placement: Maximize visibility and sales with strategic product placement.
  •  Wholesale Pricing: Set competitive wholesale prices to attract bulk buyers.
  •  Private Label Pricing: Determine pricing for private label products to maximize profit.
  •  Opening a Brick and Mortar: Get stepbystep guidance on launching a physical store.
  •  Hosting Events: Plan and execute successful events to promote your business.
  •  Product Development: Learn how to create high quality, allnatural skincare products efficiently.
  •  Product Photography: Take professional product photos without breaking the bank and structuring your photoshoots so they effectively capture your needs for years to come. 
  •  Understanding Your COGS: Accurately calculate and manage your cost of goods sold to increase profit.
  •  Text Marketing: Utilize text marketing to engage and retain customers.
  •  Email Marketing: Craft compelling email campaigns to drive conversions.
  •  Social Media Marketing: Boost your online presence with effective social media strategies.
  •  Transitioning from Employee to Employer: We’ll discuss strategies for how to Smoothly shift from being an employee to running your own business.
  •  Website Audits: Optimize your website for better performance and user experience.
  •  Social Media Audits: Assess and improve your social media strategies.
  •  Business Automation: Implement automation to streamline your business operations.
  •  Systems Setup: Set up efficient systems to enhance business productivity.
  •  Securing Funding: Explore various funding options to finance your business growth.
  •  Vendor Events: Learn how to prepare for and succeed at vendor events.

 It's your show, and I'm here to ensure you get the spotlight you deserve!


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Invest in a Coach that can teach from experience, with integrity, and an unmatched hustle.

- Over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, 5 years as a Beauty Business Boss

- Generated multiple six-figures annually and earned more than $30,000 in grant funding

- Established multiple retail locations, wholesale accounts, and private label partnerships

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