On May 23rd, 2019 I QUIT MY JOB!

I was working in my field as a social worker in Flint, MI. For years, that had been my DREAM job! I always wanted to be able to give back to the community that raised me and I was blessed with the opportunity several times over. 

The decision to quit my job was not one easily made. I had been experiencing heavy grief after the death of my grandmother and feeling pressured with the daily tasks of work. I started to lose my passion for helping others when I felt I couldn’t help myself out of the dark place I was in. Everything was overwhelming me! I was in therapy and attempting to work through my grief. My therapist recommended a leave of absence and the move felt right for me. Within the next two weeks, I submitted my paperwork for an extended leave of absence. 

Being at home did not separate me from the issues at work. Within days of my leave starting, I received a letter to “cease and desist all business activities with Elle Jae Essentials.” I knew I couldn't do that! My business was growing and supported two team members at that time. The letter went on to explain that I essentially would not receive my disability benefits because of my business. Now y'all know that got my mind working! From there, I weighed the odds and decided to bet on myself!

Trust me, I was nervous. My business was doing okay but was it enough to fully support me? I was not where I wanted to be financially but I could see that my future was bright. I've always known that there is a hunger and drive within me to be more, I just needed to GO FOR IT! I quickly submitted my ‘return to work’ paperwork and began my shift to leave my employer. I submitted my two-weeks notice, explained my decision to my consumers, and went for it! 

I immediately saw an increase in my business like never before! I went on to win two pitch competitions, hire 8 more team members, open my FIRST retail location that September, and MORE! Looking back on this year, I regret nothing! I thank my previous employer for the push that motivated me, I thank my friends and family for encouraging me, I thank my business coach for guiding me and I thank you all for growing with me! 

While this journey has been scary, it’s been the greatest of my LIFE! I have learned so much, gained so much, and grew so much! 🙌🏾

My life has felt so fulfilled in ways I had never expected 💛🌻You don’t want to miss this! 😍😍😍

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