Skincare is Self Care

Hello SunflowHERs

I am sure you have heard a lot of blanket statements about what is good for your skin and what is not. As a Black-Owned Skincare company, we at Elle Jae Essentials pay close attention to a wide range of skin types and formulate products for healthy skin and a healthy mind. While you explore our wide range of safe fragrances, here are three ways a skincare routine helps boost your mood:


1. Skincare - the gateway to self-care
Of the many things 2020 taught us, one lesson to hold dearly is that self-care is more than just caring for your physical health; it is a non-exhaustive concept that looks different for each one of us. For some, a high-intensity workout helps to unwind while others may prefer to journal at the end of the day. 

    Skincare is an act of self-care that is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. When you take 10 extra minutes every day to pamper your skin, you’re telling yourself that your well-being is a priority. 

    Moisturizing does not just help with the appearance of your skin, it helps to increase circulation too! So we take it one step ahead by serving you with our Whipped Body Butter available in 14 fragrances ranging from gentle jasmine and honeysuckle to warm and spicy cinnamon notes. Your skin will love the infusion of Shea Butter and moisturizing oils while you lose yourself in the serenity of the fragrance. 

    2. One routine a day keeps the worries away

    Imagine this, it is 11:00 PM and you don’t know what the first hour of your day is going to look like tomorrow. Unsettling, right? Time and again, research has shown that having a routine promotes a healthy body and mind. On the other hand, not having a routine can cause anxiety and trigger mood disorders. (Lyall et al., 2018, 507-514) Having a consistent routine helps you to know what to expect. This helps in reducing anxiety and bringing more stability to your day.

    Adding skincare to your morning and/or night routine is far less demanding than working out and hence, easier to incorporate into your day. Try our Whipped Body Scrub to enhance your shower experience, be it at dusk or dawn. Afraid the scrub will aggravate your dry skin? Worry not! Our Black-Owned brand makes sure all products are suitable for all SunflowHERs, including Black Women with sensitive skin. 

    3. Be a part of an inclusive community

    Remember when having good skin meant saying goodbye to countless paychecks? Not anymore! Small businesses are often more inclusive and pay closer attention to the needs of the consumers. As a Black-Owned Skincare Company, we at Elle Jae Essentials strive to grow our SunflowHer community by providing safe and healthy products for sensitive skin. Our BRN SKN GRL collection is a testament to our dedication to all skin types, including melanin-rich. 

    Since 2017, our community has not only educated people about the toxic ingredients in most products but has also made safe and healing products more accessible. Our community is bigger than a product and hopes to make people of color feel more seen in the skincare industry. We invite you to shop from our wide range of products and even subscribe to our SunflowHER membership if you’d like!

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