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My review is the whipped body butter is luxurious it moisturize my body leaves me feeling loved. This would be a great title for another body butter. “Feeling Loved”

Body Butter Sampler
Teresa Siwajek

I have been using these for 2 weeks straight and thinking about getting another sampler soon!

Love the brown skinned girl body butter! It smells great and is smooth on my skin.


Love the smell…..reminds me of home in Louisiana. Also make my skin soft….great product!

Grey Sweats Roll on
Natalee Carter
It’s only ok.

It does not smell much and the small smell it does have does not smell like the body butter (which smells amazing)

Sweet Magnolia Whipped Body Butter

The smell…

The smell is everything! Smell so good!

Body Butter Sampler

This product is amazing. It leaves your skin soft, supple and smelling good! It’s well worth the price for six different creams.

Fills the room!

The candle smells amazing. The candle burned evenly and has a good throw . The smell lingered for hours .

Glowing Up!!!!

Elle Jae Essentials this GLOW Shimmering Whipped Body Butter is everything!!!! I can't wait until the sun is out everyday to show off my GLOW!!!!!!! Will definitely look for more of this product.

Lip Butter Sampler
Roneidra Hill
Lip butter

The lip butter is very smooth. However I realized that the scent is a little overwhelming for me being that close to my nose. I would love it with a little less fragrance.

My ABSOLUTE Favorite Scent

BRN SKN GRL Whipped Body Butter smells so clean and fresh. It glides onto my skin like butter and people always stop me to ask what I’m wearing. So when it comes out of retirement, I’m sure to stick up!

love "love on top"!

Fabulous scent lasts forever!

Happy Customer

I love Elle Jae products!

Love on Top Whipped Body Butter

Bad shipping

Didn’t receive my items

I love it!!

It’s one of my favorites!!

These wonderful whipped body butters are exquisite. Elle Jay has made a product that keeps me coming back. The Butter leaves my body moisturized to the maximum all day everyday. Thank you! I appreciate her kindness every time I come in as well as her attentiveness. I pray great success to you and your staff.


Omg the best scrub ever! It leaves my body so soft and smooth. The smell is everlasting!

Always great!! Great smell!! Great quality!! My husband smells amazing!!


I’ve purchased all of the Elle Jae essentials products for beard care…and have used them like all purpose cream. They smell wonderful, and the product is consistent with every purchase. I’ve recommended friends and whenever I get complimented on the “juices and berries” glow from the beard cream and oil, I let everyone know who I shop with. I’ll be back!

BRN SKN GRL Bath & Body Oil
Pershanta Gladney

BRN SKN GRL Bath & Body Oil

GRWN A** WXMN Body Wash
Lauren Kulesza

GRWN A** WXMN Body Wash


If you are debating on getting this butter, debate no more! Grab it now! It is has truly become a staple in my everyday skincare routine. The smell is so subtle yet potent. I have gotten so many compliments on it. Also, I top if off with the BRN SKN GRL perfume roller.

Amazing! Just right!

Being someone with sensitive skin, I immediately fell in love with Brn Skn Grl. The smell is amazing and very potent. Its scent and moisture last all day long. It’s my everyday go to moisturizer.