Why You Should Routinely Pamper Your Skin

A short read on how we, as a Black-Owned skincare company, understand what your skin needs

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Fun Fact: Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body?

Our skin is a highly multifaceted organ; it protects us from extreme temperatures, toxic chemicals and harsh sunlight. Our skin absorbs Vitamin D from the sun to help grow our bones, it allows us to touch and feel, and it even produces its own bacteria fighting secretions to guard us from infections. And let us not forget the gorgeous melanin produced by our skin which shields us from ultraviolet rays!

All this and yet, we neglect our skin, fail to pamper it. So today, we will talk about the importance of a skincare routine and how we are here to help you with that.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

The epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin, bears the brunt of all the toxins and harsh temperatures in your surroundings. Research has also shown that psychological stress can cause a downstream reaction resulting in our skin to be more sensitive. (Chen and Lyga 177-190)

At Elle Jae Essentials, we formulate products that help you achieve gorgeous and healthy skin today, tomorrow and every day after that. Our products contain all the essential ingredients to leave your skin nourished and healthy. Our Whipped Body Butter is packed with Shea Butter and Vitamin E oil to help moisturize your skin naturally, without the toxins found in most drugstore products. 

  1. Exfoliation is key 🔑

The skin cells present in the epidermis form several layers with the outermost layer constantly shedding. This layer of dead skin can leave your skin looking dull and dry. A buildup of these dead skin cells can also lead to clogged pores due to excess sebum (oil) production. 

Our Whipped Body Scrub will step up your skincare routine like never before. Available in 9 fragrances, this scrub will quickly become an essential in your routine without leaving holes in your pocket. The flawless blend of Sugar and Sunflower oil will gently exfoliate your skin leaving it polished and glowing. Post exfoliation, your skin will be able to absorb moisture the way it should!

  1. We want you to love what you see

As a Black-Owned skincare company, we understand that pigmented skin is more susceptible to inflammation and injury. Some skin conditions can take a major toll on your confidence and so, there is no shame in wanting to look good in addition to feeling good. 

Our products contain some of nature’s biggest secrets to healthy and glowing skin. A 2018 study has shown that Plant Oils like Coconut oil, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil and Safflower seed oil have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects on the skin barrier. (Lin et al. 70)  Our Body Butter is packed with all the plant based oils your skin needs to thrive. Try the fragrance, Good Morning, to be instantly transported to a tropical heaven with notes of peach blossom, tangy mangoes, strawberry and sweet pineapples.


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